The Magician

The Magician focuses on personal power. If you look at the card, you will see a man who is able to control all the elements in order to effect change in the physical and spiritual plane. One of his fingers is pointing towards the sky, while the other one points to the ground, signifying his ability to control the above and the below.

If your question has to do with love and romance and The Magician comes up, it is a YES and it is telling you that you have what you need to make that work. However, if you’re enquiring about whether a potential suitor is a good idea, the answer is NO, for The Magician has the ability to play tricks. In financial, career and personal projects, The Magician is a big fat YES, encouraging you to reach as high as you possibly can. If you are enquiring about spirituality, it is also a YES, though the card is encouraging you to claim your personal power and take responsibility.

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