The Moon

The Moon is a card about the unknown, what is hidden from sight, the unconscious or subconscious and the things that we are scared to acknoweledge. In the image showcases a full moon that illuminates a stream with some animals around. The wolf and the dog are an allegory of the two sides that live within each one of us, while the shady environment suggests that in the dark, not all is what it seems to be.

In matters of love and relationships, The Moon is a NO, or at least a cautionary sign that is warning you to wait until you have more information before making a decision on this subject. In terms of finances, career and personal projects, it is as well a NO, and again a warning sign about hidden purposes in an opportunity, specially if it is “too good to be true”. If you are enquiring about spirituality, the answer is YES, particularly if it has to do with shadow work.

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