The Chariot

The Chariot depicts the Platonic allegory of The Charioteer And The Horses. In essence, in the story, The Charioteer is a symbol of reason, while one of the horses symbolizes emotion and the other desire, the key being keeping them both going at the same pace to ensure the safety and smoothness off the ride. For this, The Chariot is a card of movement, but decisions need to be made along the way!

In matters of love and relationships, this card is a YES and it speaks of progress, though it signifies that the couple needs to find a way to be on the same page about the situation in order to move forward. In terms of career, finances and personal projects, it is also a YES, and speaks of slow but steady progress, as well as it suggests that it is time to keep going even if you have hit some setbacks. In terms of spirituality, it is also a YES, and it is telling you to work on balancing your spiritual and your mundane life.


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