The High Priestess

The High Priestess presents us with an image of a mysterious woman sitting on a throne with a scroll in her hands that seems to contain ancient secrets. Behind her, a curtain with pomegranates seems to be making a separation between the public aspect of this woman, what she is willing to show to the world, and what she’s keeping for herself.

The High Priestess is one of the cards that doesn’t usually bring a clear YES or NO to the table. Since this is the card of secrets, when it comes up in a YES or NO question, it usually indicates that the answer is not to be known. Either because there are factors that need to unfold before an answer can be seen, or because it is in the querent’s best interest to not know the answer at this point in their lives. An exception is when you are enquiring about career, studies or personal projects, in which case, The High Priestess would be a YES, for this card favors knowledge and betterment of self through study.


Yes No Tarot Reading

Card Meanings For Your Yes No Question

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