The World

The World is a card about closing chapters, fulfillment, success and achievement. The image shows a woman dancing naked in the middle of a wrath that symbolizes the end of a cycle. The happy attitude of the woman and the world behind her are symbols of achievement and success, as well as the excitement about beginning a new adventure.

If you have asked about love and relationships, the answer is YES, and your relationship will be fulfilling, though there might be things that need to change in order for the relationship to get to the next level. In matters of finances, career or personal projects, it says YES and much like The Sun it is an indicator of success and accomplishment. It is also a card particularly favourable for studies and it can signify graduating with honors. In matters of spirituality, it is also a YES as well as a call to authenticity, inviting you to really incorporate your spiritual practice into your life and blend it into your own personal essence.

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