Meaning Of The Wheel of Fortune


Navigating Wheel of Fortune’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

In the center of the card is a wheel floating in the air amidst the clouds. On it, you can see the letters T A R O, the Hebrew letters Yod He Vau He, and various alchemical symbols. Above the wheel is a blue sphinx carrying a sword. Under the wheel, a red creature. Next to it, on the left, a snake facing downwards. In the four corners of the image are a man, an eagle, a bull, and a lion, all with wings.

Keywords for The Wheel of Fortune Upright:
Destiny, karma, change, renovation, wealth

Keywords for The Wheel of Fortune Reversed:
Blockage, endless cycle, full circle, stagnation

The Wheel of Fortune Upright meaning
The meaning of the card, when in the positive, that is, when straight, indicates the ascending phase of the wheel and, in general, the positive fate. A fate that, however, must be grasped as soon as possible, at the right moment, because waiting too long could cause a relapse and, therefore, the loss of the possibility. In general, favorable events are expected, unexpected fortunes, positive encounters, but also a rebalancing of a negative condition we are experiencing. These circumstances can be exploited to the best if you use your energies correctly, while if we waste them, the wheel will continue its course, and positive circumstances will tend to disappear. The wheel indicates, however, not a destiny already written, but the fact that we are free from the happening of events because we have the possibility to emerge, to be masters of our own destiny, and to change the flow of things in our favor. Indicates growth, elevation, elevation. The positive wheel indicates that the time has come to gather our energies to face situations in a lucid way that will lead, with excellent possibilities, to the success of what we have started to do. If we want something, it is the right time to have it or try to get it, given the excellent chances of success in our intent.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed meaning
The meaning of the reversed Wheel of Fortune generally indicates the opposite of what the positive wheel shows. If the positive was the increasing phase of luck, then it indicated the propitious moment. The reversed wheel, on the contrary, indicates the waning phase, which therefore leads to a moment that is not very favorable from the point of view of luck. It, therefore, indicates the presence of obstacles on the horizon that, despite our wishes, will not lead to the desired result; in general, it indicates that it is not the case at this moment to dedicate oneself to new businesses, because they will be destined to fail, or at least to be severely hindered. The negative meaning can have various degrees: it can indicate a worsening of the current situation, but it can also, more slightly, mean a moment of stasis, in which things do not improve but in which fortunately we do not have a worsening. The meanings can also be understood in a broader sense, that is, in the fact that our energies have been misused: for example, we have started working on a wrong project, we have embarked on a relationship that will lead nowhere, or in general we have taken a direction that is not the correct one. Overall, therefore, a way to indicate that something is wrong and that we will have to revise our choices or our expectations.

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