Tree of Life Spreads 1: Transformational/Life Changes

I have found Tree of Life spreads to be especially useful, as they incorporate the Body-Mind-Spirit aspects of one of our most useful spreads, as well as the polarity of male-female and/or past-future, along with a balancing of the two aspects. To illustrate this, I have developed two spreads in the Tree of Life format. This first one is on identifying one’s life purpose and the transformational path to accomplishing it. It can also be used to explore any major transformation or life change that a person is going through, such as career change, retirement, empty nest, graduation, moving to another country, etc. A completed example of this spread can be seen here.

This spread is laid out in the form of the tree of life, or qaballah. There are three cards in a column on the left, representing who the client is now or has recently been, and what she brings to the transformation. There are three cards in a column on the right which represent who she is becoming. The middle column represents the transformational path. There are four cards offset from the three on either side, to form triangles with them, and a fifth card placed at the base of the central column, as shown in the diagram below. The cards are numbered as follows (this is different from the qaballah but improves the flow of the reading):

10 8          9 0 5          6    7 2          3    4    1

The layout is read from the bottom up – the base card is the expression of the transformational path in the physical world. The triangle above this (cards 2, 3, and 4) is the physical transformation, the middle triangle above this (cards 5, 6, and 7) is the intellectual transformation. The upper triangle (cards 8, 9, and 10) is the spiritual transformation. In each case, the left-hand card should be read first (who she is now), the right hand card second (where she is going or who she is becoming) and the transformational path or middle card read last. The central card between the upper and middle triangles (card 0) is the key to accomplishing the transformation. Any reversed cards, especially in the central path, indicate areas where special attention is needed, as these represent blocked transformational energies. Reversed cards in the right-hand path are not read negatively, but rather as transformations that may be a long ways in the future, take a long time to reach, or are more difficult to accomplish than in other areas.

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