Meaning Of The World


Navigating The World’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

A laurel wreath, a sign of the winner in antiquity, surrounding a naked girl with an extremely relaxed face. Around, four icons, the angel, the ox, the eagle and the lion. These representations surround the woman in the garland, as if they were four different types of primary energy, in synergy with each other. These are symbols that come from antiquity. For the Christian tradition, they represent the four evangelists. For astrologers, they were the four cardinal signs of the Zodiac, respectively Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo. But they are also in memory of the four elements, Water, Earth, Air and Fire. The ox is the only one of the four symbols which, being a towed animal that symbolizes offering, help, sacrifice, earthly things, does not have a halo, does not participate in eternity.

Keywords for The World Upright:
Winnings, big income, job hiring; favorable situation to be fully exploited.

Keywords for The World Reversed:
Resistance, obstacles, hostility, blockage

The World Tarot Card Upright meaning:
The World card closes the circle started with the Fool card. The Major Arcana represent an ideal, even sublimated, artistic path of what life is in toto, with all the vicissitudes that it presents to us along its course. The Straight World shares with the Sun, the title of the best Arcane of the deck. Not for nothing, in analogy with the symbolism of the sign of Taurus, stable and slow, to which it corresponds, it ensures a slow but constant evolution in the direction of total fulfilment. Whatever the field of action it refers to, love, work, money or health, success will be complete and lasting, victory over obstacles even overwhelming, the outcome entirely favorable and almost miraculous. It is, therefore, the card of fullness, of realization, of perfection, of certainty that does not give rise to doubts. With the complicity of circumstances, which are entirely favorable, and with the protection of destiny, the cycle of events has reached its peak. It is time to collect the prize, to enjoy the reward of one’s efforts, in the full satisfaction of every desire, a perfect atmosphere of happiness. Health, joie de vivre, reciprocal affections, professional goals achieved, notoriety: everything proceeds in the sense of the consultant’s best expectations.

The World Reversed meaning:
More than a complete overturning of meaning as often happens when the arcana appears upside down, we are witnessing here an attenuation, a limitation of fullness. The events, although close to completion, are not yet really concluded, perhaps precisely because of the fears of the querent themselves, refractory to innovations and changes. Success, indeed, but not immediate, is affected by the influence of external obstacles of an environmental nature, which can be overcome but annoying: boredom, setbacks, small disappointments due to only partial success. A climate of hostility, in the family or at work, requires a choice between struggle and temporary renunciation; a sacrifice is necessary, but it does not mean that it will immediately bear fruit.

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