Meaning Of The Sun


Navigating The Sun’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

The card of the Sun, a card that carries all the energy of this star, absolutely vital, source of prosperity and growth, of new life, of heat, of light, of clarity and transparency. In itself, it is one of the arcana of the tarot that brings a benevolent, enlightened and inspired vision but at the same time, this enlightenment comes to indicate to us the possible difficulties in a given period of our life. Compared to the Moon, the Sun takes up more space on the surface of the card. The Moon worked more quietly, but the Sun explodes in all its brightness. Some linear rays emanate from the Sun, others meandering. Below him, sunflowers, which are the earthly symbol of the Sun, to which they always turn their heads during the day, move with him, abandoning themselves when it sets and then rise again with him at the new dawn. A wall in front of which stands a white horse ridden by a putto, an asexual child, wearing a crown and holding a large banner.

Keywords for The Sun Upright:
A clear and sunny vision of situations; luck, success, talent, balance, security, energy, earnings. Moment of inner and outer fullness.

Keywords for The Sun Reversed:
Confusion, bad luck, inconclusiveness

The Sun Upright meaning:
It is the most that could ever be desired, complete satisfaction, success on all fronts, overcoming any problem; accomplice, of course, the adaptable and optimistic temperament of the consultant, always ready for cheerfulness and good humour. Selfless and generous, just like the Sun that does not deny its light to anyone, he is happy to share his joy with those he loves, in an atmosphere of serenity and tenderness. He has on his side the wonderful ability to be satisfied with what he possesses and in this lies the secret of the happiness that he seems to enjoy every day. The straight Sun always announces a particularly favourable situation, a fortunate and productive period. It is advisable to take advantage of this magical moment, of a favorable destiny, which has only beautiful surprises in store, and treasure all its gifts: serenity, well-being, safety, achievements, progress, and knowledge. In short: a perfect and lasting result. The Sun symbolizes the ascent, the peak, the result but also the skill, intelligence, and charisma necessary to achieve it.

The Sun Reversed meaning:
The overturning of the card overturns all its positivity: where there was clarity, there is now darkness, where there was harmony, quarrels and misunderstandings. Generosity has turned into selfishness, the joy of living into pessimistic restlessness. Above all, the reign of the word is penalized, marked by the lack of harmony, communication difficulties, and breaking agreements. The consultant is going through a difficult time, but, instead of accepting help and advice, they take refuge in disdainful loneliness. Hidden truths, lies, misunderstandings, and waste, dictated by the desire to appear what one is not. The sunlight, distorted by the overturning, becomes a blunder, a simulation of only apparent happiness. Lack of sincerity and clarity, inconclusiveness, hazy ideals, uncertain future. Pessimistic view of life, strong inconclusiveness, bad luck, adversity, inconvenience. Deep misunderstandings of the opposite sex. Splitting between one’s masculine and feminine polarities, therefore irritation and non-acceptance of the emotional or intellectual part, disharmony, anxiety, and conflicts.

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