The Meaning Of The Lovers Tarot Card


Navigating The Lover’s Meaning Through Their Eyes

The warm and delicate light of the sun caresses, in a delightful dance, the bare skin of two playful lovers coming together under a brilliant sky. The luscious garden behind them, maybe Paradise itself, awaits, full of fruitful life, flora and fauna, readily available for their delight.

Behind the woman, an apple tree loaded with ripen fruits of vibrant colours. A snake, symbol of sensual temptation, sultry seduction and earthly pleasure, climbs eagerly, as if it wanted to get a pass to the scene. Behind him, a tree of flames is the earthly manifestation of his burning passion.

An angel watches the scene, crowning the couple and the impending manifestation of their love. They have chosen to gather there, in the presence of the divine, about to make their sacred vows and become one flesh. The volcano in the background is the silent promise of the passion that is about to erupt and explode as The Lovers seal their promise by engaging in the earthly expression of their desire.

Keywords for The Lovers Upright

Love, coming together, agreement, choice, decision.

Keywords for The Lovers Reversed

Not being on the same page, selfishness, lack of attraction, not a good deal, agreement or decision.

The Lovers Upright

When you draw The Lovers upright in a reading, it suggests that you have a decision to make in front of you. This can be related to a romantic situation (at the end of the day, while you can’t help who you feel for, you can definitely choose how you want to move forward!) but not necessarily.

This is mainly a card about agreements, people coming together, creating meaningful bonds, collaborating with each other for a purpose or beginning a journey together. It is as well a card of duality that encourages the querent to embrace their shadow and incorporate any part of themselves that they may have been denying in the past.

It is as well a card about love, passion, but also vocation and intense feelings. It might come up when a person is head over heels about their new business idea or when you are becoming obsessed with your new hobby. This card reminds you that you have ultimate reign over the choices that you make in life, and the people you associate with.

The Lovers Reversed

Ill-aspected, reversed or under a less positive light, The Lovers may be highlighting what is standing between you and your goal, whether this is a personal achievement, a career project or the person that you love.

It is as well calling you out to take responsibility over the current circumstances and urging you to make a decision. You have more power than you realize, but sometimes, tough decisions need to be made in order to get rid of ties that don’t do you any good and hold you back from achieving your ultimate goals.

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