The Meaning Of The Hermit Tarot Card


Navigating The Hermit’s Meaning Through His Eyes

It’s pitch black around him, and yet all that he can see is a white, brilliant reflection that keeps him from seeing his way. However; He has walked that walk so many times, in so many circumstances. His experience is vast, his feet know the ground that they have walked time and time again. He doesn’t need his eyes to know where he’s going. All the answers are inside.

When he closes his eyes, is actually when he sees best, when he hears best, when he feels best. He’s not afraid of loneliness, he’s not afraid of darkness, nor does the light have all the answers. He had to walk that path so many times before he was able to show it to someone else.

As The Hermit moves forward, lamp in hand, he lits the way for those who come after him. He’s learned to lead the way, he now knows that the light might blind him, but he’s not going anywhere new. His heart will guide him, today and always, wherever he needs to go.

Keywords for The Hermit Upright

Purposeful isolation, contemplation, wisdom, looking within, meditation, self-isolation.

Keywords for The Hermit Reversed

Loneliness, wanting to be away from society, wanting to be left alone, withdrawal of attention or affection.

The Hermit Upright

Drawing The Hermit upright is a sign that some purposeful isolation may be in order. This is not getting away from the world for the love of being antisocial, but in order to focus on your truth, your spirit, the gospel of your heart, and stop hearing external noise that interferes with finding your authentic self.

It may be time to learn to be comfortable in your own skin, following your own heart and listening to your own opinions. As well, it may indicate that you could do without engaging in social activity that you don’t truly want to engage in, or call you to analyze whether your relationships are toxic and harmful.

Being a heavily spiritual card, it can be understood as a wake-up call from spirit, as well as an indicator of a strong spiritual awakening or a relevant experience that will have an impact in your spirituality or its practice.

The Hermit Reversed

When The Hermit shows up ill-aspected or reversed, it suggests that you or a person that’s relevant to the question may be acting in a selfish way, being antisocial, or not fully acknowledging the needs of other people surrounding the situation, particularly in the emotional aspect.

It can also be referring as someone who needs to be left alone to deal with their own circumstances, and it can be indicating that the current issue can only be resolved by the person that’s main to the situation.

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