Meaning Of The Hanged Man


Navigating The Hanged Man’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

A young man is tied upside down to a T-shaped tree. His hands are behind his body; his left leg crossed behind his right. The head appears to radiate a halo of light. The background is grey, leaden. The Hanged Man is tied by one foot upside down and his hair touches the ground, almost as if to root itself into the earth. A thread holds him symbolically linked to the sky while his hair roots him to the ground. The thread that holds it is a fundamental element: it connects the character of the card with reality, but above all the subject with himself. This man has his hands hidden behind his back, probably tied, yet he appears jovial. The right ear can be glimpsed to indicate a great predisposition to listening. This suggests passing the most difficult tests with a smile, without losing energy in unnecessary worries.

Keywords for The Hanged Man Tarot Card Upright:
Sacrifice, Wait, Conversion, Renovation, Initiation

Keywords for The Hanged Man Reversed:
Rushing into things, stagnation, stubbornness

The Hanged Man Upright meaning:
This card indicates a moment of pause, of inner work, of reflection to go deeper into projects and self-knowledge. It can also refer to a blockage, to the inability to act. It often indicates that it is not the right time to make a choice; the situation or our point of view must mature. Any delay, any obstacle has its hidden reason and must be interpreted as a providential warning, to be taken into account. All that remains is to accept fate, including defeats and blockages, and submit at least temporarily to the course of events, without trying to change it. It is a card that refers to dedication: everything must be selflessly sacrificed to a person or a cause, without expecting immediate rewards. However, the current situation is destined to be completely reversed, to undergo radical changes and decisive turning points, negative only in appearance. However, it will be a slow transformation, more internal than external. From the sentimental point of view, it indicates a platonic, secret, romantic love, perhaps initially unrequited; there may be a temporary separation from the partner which serves to make people reflect and mature. From a professional point of view, success is achieved little by little, with conscientious and disinterested work. It can also indicate an idealistic, selfless person, ready to sacrifice himself.

The Hanged Man Reversed meaning:
When the Hanged Man appears upside down, the querent’s existential situation is challenging, marked by worries, remorse, and lost opportunities. Doubts and uncertainty prevail and the querent, unable to decide, tends to give up. It can indicate a useless or excessive sacrifice, painful trials lived badly, without being able to draw a lesson from them.

From an emotional point of view, it indicates an unrequited love, the end of a relationship, a betrayal or a relationship with a person already committed. From a professional point of view it means an unsustainable professional situation or environment, and the need to change. It can also indicate a person who is too dreamy, introverted and inconclusive.

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