The Meaning Of The Chariot Tarot Card


Navigating The Chariot’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

The sun sets in the horizon after a peaceful day. There’s a certain dusty density in the air, product of the traction of the wheels through the road, the vibrant gallop of the horses, so masterfully commanded by the experienced charioteer.

Regardless of the bumps in the road, the mercy of the weather and the long days and even longer nights, the charioteer fears nothing. He’s well acquaintanced with his majestic beasts, and thus, he knows how they will respond to any inconvenience that the journey may present him with. This is the result of thorough training, bonding, as well as his own experience and digilence in the direction of both horses. For if they are not coordinated, if he is not firm enough, if he’s not aware of the needs of all three of them, he could lose control of the chariot.

A bump takes his mind back to the road, as he grabs the reins firmly, authoritatively and with confidence. His full attention is now on the road ahead of him. He remains calm, unshaken and fully focused, knowing that as long as he remains in control, as long as his mind is aligned with his body, he will arrive to his destination.

Keywords for The Chariot Upright

Focus, control, movement, journey, moving on, moving forward, continuity.

Keywords for The Chariot Reversed

Obstacles, imbalance, not having direction, lack of expertise.

The Chariot Upright

When you draw The Chariot in an upright position, you have an opportunity to continue ahead of you. It is generally a positive card, however, it encourages you to maintain control over the situation and remain focused.
The card reflects Plato’s allegory of The Charioteer, which highlights the importance of the balance between both horses and the charioteer, as well as the relevance of having each one stick to their job and purpose for the perfect functioning of the chariot.

Drawing this card doesn’t mean that the journey will be exempt from trouble or complications, but it promises that, provided you take the necessary measures and precautions, and making sure that your mind and your actions are aligned with your desires, you should be able to overcome any hindrance that may interrupt your journey to success.

The Chariot Reversed

When Ill-aspected or reversed, The Chariot speaks of the inability of the querent to move forward. This card predicts an interruption, an obstacle in the way or some other sort of setback that in the best case delays and in the worst case cancels the success of the matter at hand.

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