Terms And Conditions for using tarotmoon.com

You should not take a Tarot reading as an absolute and you should interpret it according to your own personal understanding. There is always some uncertainty in a Tarot reading. There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the tarot readings provided on this website, and all readings are provided for entertainment purposes only. Tarot readings are not a substitute for professional medical/legal/business/health/relationship or any other kind of advice. There is no attempt to control your free-will or common sense, and it will not force you to take any particular action. Tarot readings are not legally binding. Your actions and decisions as a result of your tarot reading are entirely your own and have not been forced upon you by any reading you obtain on this website. Any decisions made by you following or based on our tarot readings are not subject to legal liability. At all times, use your own common sense and judgment. It is only with a complete understanding and acceptance of the above that you continue to use this website.


Tarot Moon is not liable

The future depicted in the tarot card reading is not guaranteed to come to pass. Tarot Moon and I won’t be held responsible if it does. One action can change the entire course of the future, so readings are only a glimpse into a current future that could change at any moment. Because of this, any number of futures exist, and Tarot Moon and I will not be held responsible if the one depicted does not come to pass.

By continuing to use this website you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions.

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