Meaning Of Temperance


Navigating Temperance’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

An angel dressed in a white tunic pours liquid from one cup to another; the fluid flows down diagonally instead of vertically. On his forehead, he has a small circle with a dot in the center. On the chest, we see a triangle with the apex facing up, inscribed in a white square. His right foot is submerged in the water in the foreground. A path winds its way to distant mountains, behind which the sun is rising.

Keywords for Temperance Upright:
Moderation, harmony, healing, purification

Keywords for Temperance Reversed:
Disharmony excess, instability impatience

Temperance Card Upright meaning:
Temperance, number XIV, comes after the change of status made by the nameless Arcana(Death), the XIII Arcana. After macerating in the depths of underground darkness, the seed releases the sprout and the colors of life begin to appear. The time for peace and health has come. The left skeleton has transformed into a winged woman who pours a liquid from one amphora to another. The wings indicate what the skeleton has transformed into after complete decomposition; that is, they suggest that the body is purified and ready to fly; it has itself become a wing that carries upwards. The vital spirit, therefore, acts wholly renewed.

Temperance is the card of regeneration and innovation, but respecting the values implicit in its very name: “temperance”, that is moderation and self-discipline. It can indicate a happy transformation, a new initiative projected towards the future, but all this happens slowly with patience and in the name of balance and reasonableness. It is a card capable of positively transforming neighbouring ones, and it is always a good omen of realized hopes and completed projects. From the emotional point of view, in the couple, there is harmony and stability; friendships are lasting. From a professional point of view, a project successfully completed; sometimes the situation, however serene and satisfying, turns out to be a bit static, with no immediate career advancement. It can also represent an esteemed, peaceful, and friendly person. It can herald a birth, a happy transformation, a new initiative projected towards the future. The essential thing is that everything happens peacefully, with patience and gentleness, in the name of balance and reasonableness. It is certainly not a card of strong emotions or crazy passions. On the contrary, always attentive to the imperative of adaptability, tolerance, and adaptation to circumstances, it demands and provides for calm, trust, reflection, and a spiritualized but objective vision of things.

Temperance Reversed meaning:
Reversed Temperance refers to disharmony and excess. Emotional instability and impatience prevail, the querent tends to live in chaos, with a light and worldly lifestyle, marked by recklessness. The results obtained in any field will have a short duration, immediately crushed by obstacles challenging to overcome, if patience and self-discipline do not come into play. It can also indicate delays, postponements, a still unstable situation. From an emotional point of view, the relationship is not harmonious, tensions, and misunderstandings prevail; it may indicate partner incompatibility. From a professional point of view: oppositions, projects and initiatives that run aground. It can also represent an apathetic person who is too cautious or, on the contrary, a light person, a butterfly, unreliable.

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