The Meaning Of The Strength Tarot Card


Navigating Strength’s Meaning Through Her Eyes

Her feet are firmly planted on the ground. She can feel the grass under the sole of her young feet, the humidity of the earth. Stopping for a moment, she can feel the breeze through her fingers, dancing with the fabric of her garments, toying with her hair. The sounds of nature don’t escape her.

She’s done this before. Though she hasn’t always been so calm about it. Each new creature is a new challenge, a new friend to make. In the past, it took her a while to shake off the nerves before coming closer, but now, she’s sure and certain of every move.

The majestic lion awaits, sitting, with the fiercest look on his face. He’s still, his eyes nailed onto her gaze, creating a connection never to be forgotten. Each step she takes, she gets closer and closer to the beast. She breathes in, she breathes out, as her confident hands approach the animal that not many would dare to touch. The moment her hand touches the lion’s skin, his demeanor changes. The beautiful beast is now relaxed, knowing that he is in safe hands. As she grabs his upper and lower jaw, separating the terrible fauces as if she was separating two slices of bread, she knows she’s got it.

Keywords for Strength Upright

Perseverance, confidence, compromise, persuasion, diplomacy.

Keywords for Strength Reversed

Lack of empathy, trying to force a situation or person, bending over backwards, attempting to manipulate someone else.

Strength Upright

Drawing Strength in its upright position means that in the situation at hand, you are required to persevere. Ironically, strength is not a card about physical strength or about trying to force a situation, it is more about endurance. You will never open the fauces of a lion with your bare hands by force, not without being bitten and torn apart. The way to tame the lion is not by force, but by trust.

Approach your proverbial lion with a kind heart and a peaceful spirit. Persuading, finding middle grounds and compromising will take you much further than any other attempt to impose your will.

Whatever is the situation that you have, it is time to consider what are the non-negotiables and where you are willing to be flexible, it is possible that you are required to give up on minor aspects of your plans or desires for the greater good. It is not the right time to impose, and you will not have it your way without putting something on the table yourself. It is time to show your value, your skills, and what makes you capable in order to triumph, conquer and tame the situation in your best interest.

Strength Reversed

When Ill-aspected or reversed, Strength encourages you to consider whether you are trying to manipulate others into doing your bidding, or even look deeper into your motivations for acting a certain way. As well, it can be warning you that you are bending too much to someone else, and that this is unlikely to end in a situation of trust, as much as it can end in a situation of certain abuse of power.

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