Welcome to the readings page! I have recently redesigned my site to include only those spreads that after 25 years of reading seem to me to offer the most insight and focus. Most of these are original spreads that can address nearly any situation in a variety of ways.

Click on any of the categories below to see descriptions of the readings I offer in that area. You may also send tarot readings to others as gift certificates or special occasion readings. For prices, please check the price info at the bottom of this page. All regular and custom readings are priced by the number of cards, and the size of each reading is indicated at the end of its description. If you would like to see examples of the readings, please click on the “example” link at the end of each description.

Quick Insight – Yes, you truly can answer most questions with one card! You may be surprised at how complete and insightful a one-card reading can be – give it a try today 🙂 One question per reading, please. (1 card) Example

Substance and Shadow – A very straight-forward reading that gives you clear answers as to what needs to be done, as well as a hidden influence on the situation. (2 cards) Example
Credit: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Dark Goddess Tarot

Solving Problems– Have a problem that you just can’t figure out how to deal with? This is a very focused reading that should help point the way. Analyzes the way you’re thinking about the situation, the way you can communicate with others, and what you can specifically do to make progress. (3 cards) Example

Path Forward – Feeling stuck? This reading shows you how to get whereyou want to go. Based onyour description of the situation, Iwill choose one card to represent your current situation and one card to reflect where you would rather be, and then three cards will be drawn in between to show the path to your goal, step by step. Reversed cards show the most difficult parts of the path and where you will need to focus your energies. (3 cards) Example

Four Elements – Calling on all four elements, this reading analyzes any situation with respect to each of the major areas of your life, along with a central card to indicate the most important influence. A very balanced reading of all the aspects affecting a situation – one of the most useful spreads I have found in 25 years of reading.
(5 cards) Example 21 The World Tree 18 The Moon

Truth by Moonlight – A powerful reading for those who feel an affinity tomoon energy. Use this reading to identify illusions, hidden issues, wishful thinking and other subconscious traps that may be preventing you from seeing the truth. This reading uses the phases of the moon to identify and uncover what’s really going on, and what you can do about it. (5 cards) Example

Wheel of Change – A very comprehensive reading for assisting you with major life changes. Analyzes what is leaving and entering your life and how best to make use of the energies surrounding change. Can be used to address issues such as graduation, career changes, retirement, empty nests, marriage or divorce, and relocation. (9 cards) Example

Greeting “Cards” – Send a birthday, anniversary, get well, or any type of card to a friend or relative! I will choose one nice tarot card for their special occasion and send them reading as a present from you. Please indicate the occasion, your name and message, and the recipient’s name and e-mail address. Greeting cards are normally sent by e-mail, but can also be sent by regular mail with a color printout of their card. (1 card) Example1 Example2


Gift Certificates – Gift certificates for readings can be sent by e-mail or regular mail in any amount you choose, anywhere in the world. Just use the regular order form and indicate the amount, your name and message, and the recipient’s name and address. (1-5 cards)

Price Information

All readings are priced by the number of cards in the reading, whether they are regular readings, custom-designed readings, or gifts.  Reading prices are $5 per card. After many years of doing written readings, this the best approach I have come up with to reflect the time and care that is put into each one.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that many clients believe that larger readings are better – yet often larger readings can provide so much information that they are difficult to process and fully evaluate. Smaller readings can often provide the same information in a more concise, direct, and to the point format. If in doubt, you can always start with a small reading to focus the issue, then explore additional areas you might be interested in.

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