Phases of the Moon – Example Reading

Card 2 - First Quarter Card 2 – First Quarter Card 1 - New Moon Card 1 – New Moon Card 3 - Full Moon Card 3 – Full Moon Card 4 - Third Quarter Card 4 – Third Quarter Deck: Greenwood
Question: What should I focus on in the coming month?


Card 1 – New Moon: Beginnings, new projects, emerging influences, initiative
Card 2 – First Quarter: Analyze, evaluate, adapt and modify approach as needed
Card 3 – Full Moon: Completion, accomplishment, fulfillment, maturity
Card 4 – Third Quarter: Break down, finalize, evaluate, rest, prepare for next cycle


New Moon: Seven of Wands (Sep 27 – Oct 4). The Seven of Wands is about removing unnecessary extras in your life, simplifying, returning to basics, and minimizing the number of competing influences. The coming month would be an optimum time to focus on simplifying your life, particularly in the area of career, hobbies and other achievement-oriented areas. Your energy is being scattered among too many different projects, and some are suffering as a result. If you are able to focus down to only a few, each of these will be done more productively and effectively.

First Quarter: Greenwoman, reversed (Oct 5 – Oct 12). Like the Empress in a traditional deck, Greenwoman is the source of fertility, growth, creativity, and life. Her appearance reversed in the first quarter position suggests that in the first week, you have had mixed results in meeting your goal. You were able to do the majority of the work needed to finish up some significant long-term projects. Although you are almost ready to bring these projects to completion, they are not yet actually off of your plate, and your life hasn’t simplified very much yet. But because you have made the effort to finish many projects, this has been a very productive week, and the stage is set to reach your goal next week.

Full Moon: Queen of Arrows (Oct 13 – Oct 19). In this deck, all court cards are symbolized by animal spirits. The Queen of Arrows is represented by the Deer, who knows all the secret paths of the forest (your creative landscape). She is able to travel swiftly and sure-footedly from place to place, without wasted energy, while nurturing and protecting her progeny. Arrows is the suit of thought and planning, and this card upright shows that you have succeeded in your goal of minimizing the amount of unfocused energy that is expended and concentrating on achieving a few significant projects. You are in control of your world, and understand better how to get around in it.

Third Quarter: Four of Arrows (Oct 20 – Oct 26). The Four of Arrows is a card of rest from thought, analysis, and planning. Because you have accomplished so much this month, and have your strategic goals and a plan for accomplishing them worked out, you can actually enjoy a week of rest and reflection. By giving yourself a mental break, you can take this opportunity to think a little about what comes next – the body is at rest, and the mind undergoes a transformation symbolized by the butterfly. Without so many competing distractions, you have a chance to choose your future direction, rather than simply reacting to whatever gets thrown at you.

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