Past Life Spreads II: In-Depth Analysis

Once the focusing is completed , here are some spreads I use to look at specific past lives in more detail, in the context of life purpose and/or karmic lessons. There is also a version of this spread that provides more detailed information about the lifetime itself and less about life purpose issues, as well as a version that addresses relationships and combines both current and past lifetimes.

The layout has 13 cards, and looks like this:

                               9    10                         8                     11                    7                                  12                                      13                   1                                     6                            2                    5                                   3      4

Cards 7-11 represent a recent lifetime, and cards 1-5 a more distant lifetime, both of which represent past lives that are having a strong influence on this lifetime and the question. Cards 6, 12, and 13 are related to the current lifetime. 1 and 7 represent who they were in a past life, 2 and 8 show what they did with that lifetime, 3 and 9 were the life purpose of the past lives, 4 and 10 show how and whether that purpose was resolved or attained, 5 and 11 show what was carried forward from that lifetime, and cards 6 and 12 show how these things manifest in their life right now. Card 13 is the current life’s purpose, related to these past events. The cards are read in sequential order, staring with 1 and ending with 13. To see a completed example of this reading, click here.

A modification of this reading that focuses less on life purpose is to use the first four cards of each lifetime as follows: 1 – what circumstances they were born into, 2 – their youth, 3 – their middle years, 4 – the end of their life, then 5 – what karma is brought forward from that life and 6 – how it affects their current life. Card 13 can still be a karmic lesson or task they are working through as a result of all this.

Finally, this spread can be extended a little more into the current lifetime and/or used to explore couples relationships as follows:

            3        4                      16      17       2                     5        15   1            13             6  14           22      7                   12         18          8         11                    19             9   10                                20      21

The spread above was actually designed for a married couple, and with both their permissions, we look at both of their past lives and how they were affecting their current marriage. The upper set of cards represents the client’s past and current lives and the lower set of cards represents her husband’s. The card positions have the same meaning as before, except here the spread is brought forward into the current life a little more, with cards 17 and 21 addressing what progress has been made toward their life purpose so far. In this version of the reading, the current life purpose is represented by cards 16 and 20 rather than the central cards, but cards 13 and 22 were added to look at the larger purpose of this entire cycle of lifetimes, since theirs was a very old relationship (the Fool was in the center of the bottom row in their focusing reading).

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