How To Order?

If you know what you want and are familiar with the process, please click here to go directly to the Order Form .

Step 1. Choose your Question

Please visit the FAQs page for helpful hints and guidelines on choosing a question that will help you get the most out of your tarot reading. If you like, please include some background information about your question – the more factual information I have about the situation, the more focused the reading will be on guidance that will help you and the things you need to know. Tarot cards are relatively abstract and the same card may mean many different things depending on the context. If your question involves another person, please tell me a little about them (don’t forget their gender!) and your relationship to them. You can write as much as you want, but make sure the actual question comes first and is clearly stated. For certain spreads such as the horoscope spread and for gift certificates or greeting cards, I may ask you for some specific additional information.

Step 2. Choose a Reading and Deck

Look through the Readings page and choose one that you feel is right for your question. If you don’t see one that addresses your specific question, I will happy to develop one for you. If you would rather I choose the spread or you want to me to develop a custom spread, that is fine and costs the same as any spread listed above. Just let me know your price category and I will choose or develop one for you. You may also visit the Decks page and choose the deck you would like me to use, or I can choose one for you. You will receive a graphics file with images of the cards you receive in your reading along with the text.

Step 3. Fill out the Order Form

At the top of the form, you will be asked for some background information, including date of birth and gender, that helps me conduct and interpret the reading. You must be 18 years of age or older to order a reading. I will never give or sell this personal information to anyone or use it for marketing purposes. On the order form there are menus to indicate your choice of reading and the deck you would like me to use, and space to write your question and supporting information.

Step 4. Choose a method of payment

The price is determined by the number of cards in the reading. You have several payment options. You can pay on-line using a credit card by clicking on the Paypal button at the bottom of the order form and following the directions there. My e-mail account with Paypal is Paypal is a secure on-line credit card payment system that is safe, insured, and encrypted for maximum security. It is run by an on-line bank, and neither I nor anyone else will see your credit card information.

If you prefer, you can mail me your payment using cash, check, or money order. I do not recommend sending cash as it is less secure. If you choose this option on the order form I will e-mail you my mailing address with your reading confirmation.

Always make sure you include your e-mail address with your mailed payment so that I can connect it with your on-line reading request.

Step 5. That’s All!

As soon as I receive your payment, I will e-mail you an acknowledgment and either do your reading immediately (if it is a smaller one) or let you know when the reading will be done. In most cases, one-card and mini-readings will be done the same day, while larger readings will be done within 3 days of receiving your order. If you are paying by mail, the reading will be done ahead of time and ready to send as soon as I receive your payment. In rare cases I may be out of town or otherwise unavailable for a few days, and in these cases I will always let you know when you can expect to receive it. Thanks and happy readings!

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