Looking for Love – A Tarot Reading

As tarot readers, probably half our requests for readings relate to love or relationships, and many of these ask when the client will find a lover, partner, or husband. As we know, there are often personal issues that need to be overcome and are affecting the client’s ability to establish loving relationships. This spread was designed to help the client find a partner and overcome any personal issues or blocks that need to be addressed. To see a completed example of this reading, click here.

The cards are laid out as shown below, evenly divided between internal and external information:








First card: WHY the client has not yet found their perfect partner

Second card: HOW they can overcome these obstacles and any issues in the first card

Third card: WHAT is the most positive thing they can do to find their partner

Fourth card: WHO would be the right person for the client

Fifth card: WHERE they will find their partner

Sixth card:: WHEN they will find their partner

Seventh card: Optional – Significator or karmic lesson associated with this relationship

A. The left-hand triangle represents internal issues and suggests specific actions the client can take to resolve his or her obstacles and actively find a partner. The actions in the third card should be taken once the problems and solutions described in the first two cards have been dealt with, and this third card points toward the partner, described by the fourth card. Through hard experience, I have learned to ask for the gender of the hoped-for partner in advance :-).

B. The right-hand triangle represents the partner and the circumstances in which they may be found. The fourth card may represent either a specific person or the generalized type of person that will be most likely to provide the client with a lasting, loving relationship. Which way you read it depends on the client’s and the reader’s metaphysical view of relationships, such as whether you believe in soul-mates or past lives. I sometimes read this card as an actual person, if it appears that their partner may already be in their life or will be soon, or if I get the sense that there are strong karmic or past life issues at work (indicated by “karma” cards such as Justice, Judgment, etc.). Often, however, I will read this as a type of person. This does not have to be a court card, it can be any card, and the reader should infer the personality suggested by the card. This can be difficult if it is a trump card, and certain trump cards may be read more as a life stage that the person is going through, if that is the most important thing about him that the client needs to know. Reversed cards in this position may mean the person is not who the client thinks, or will not be what he appears, or is simply going through a difficult period the type of which is suggested by the nature of the card.

C. Cards 5 and 6 may be read literally as where and when, or more generally in a circumstantial way. For example, the Three of Cups in the “where” position might suggest that the client will meet their partner at a social event, or through friends. A reversal of this card may mean that the situation will not be a positive one, or that the partner will be hard to find or hidden in some way. This card can also be read more literally, such as a warm and sunny place, a seashore, or any such place if suggested by the card. Card 6 can be read using any method of timing the reader is comfortable with, although the rest of the spread should also be looked at for timing clues. Alternatively, it can also be read more generally. For example, the Hermit reversed might mean that the client needs to complete their studies before they will have the opportunity to find their partner, as this activity requires solitude and leaves them little time for relationships. I often find in this position a card that represents the person the client will become once they resolve the issues raised in the first two cards – in which case the client will find their partner once they have completed that personal transformation.

D. A seventh card may be added to the reading if desired. It would normally be inappropriate to use an outcome card with this layout, since in most cases, the partner has not yet been found and the relationship not yet started. In this case, it would be premature to try to predict the outcome of the relationship. However, some readers may wish to use a significator representing the client for this reading, which can either be pre-selected or the chosen by the Tarot. I prefer to let the deck choose, because that often gives me additional insight into who the client is now and what their issues may be. The seventh card may also be used to describe the nature of the bond between these two people, and a karmic lesson or purpose their relationship is intended to fulfill.

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