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Question: Up until this point in my life, I have been very busy with my education and career, and just have not seemed to have time for romantic involvements. I would like to change that.


Card 1: WHY you have not yet found your perfect partner
Card 2: HOW you can overcome any issues expressed in the first card
Card 3: WHAT is the most positive thing you can do to find your partner
Card 4: WHO would be the right person for you
Card 5: WHERE you will find your partner
Card 6: WHEN you will find your partner


Card 1: The Moon, reversed. This card is about knowing yourself, and looking honestly at your deepest subconscious fears and desires. It suggests that the reason you have not yet found a partner is not exactly that you are too busy, rather there is a subconscious reason that you are creating a life for yourself in which you are too busy to get involved in relationships. Reversed, it suggests that you have some hidden fears about opening yourself up to another person, or about losing control of your emotions and independence. Five out of the six cards in this reading are reversed, and several of them are trumps (very significant cards in the deck). This suggests that this is a very important emotional issue for you, that has been effectively repressed until now. In order to find your life partner, you will need to work on some of these issues first.

Card 2: Seven of Cups, reversed. This is another of several cards that suggest that you are not seeing the reality of the situation. This is a card of illusions, temptations, and diversionary tactics. Your views of love and romance are a bit illusory, and may tend toward fantasies that cannot actually be realized in the real world. You may not know what you really want in a partner or be willing to give up what is required to enter into a long-term relationship. You are hiding something from yourself about this situation, that probably has to do with your subconscious emotions. All of this has the effect of insuring that you will not be faced with an actual relationship, because you are shielding yourself from it with a veil of illusion and busy work. These illusions and diversions need to be stripped away and seen for what they really are before you will be ready to find your partner.

Card 3: Four of Pentacles, reversed. You have spent your time recently focused on career-building and material acquisitions, rather than relationships. This approach to life has been quite successful financially, but is very limiting when it comes to finding a partner. You have created a prison for your time and your energy by building up this solid wall of work and financial responsibilities, and will need to release and escape from this to some extent if you want to focus on more personal issues. The important thing to realize is that success in your career is beneficial, but only to a point. You may need to examine your life and determine what you can give up, in terms of effort and time put towards work and other similar activities, so that you can have more energy available for developing personal relationships.

Card 4: The Hermit, reversed. This is a person very different from the kind of partner you may have been imagining. He is a wise and patient teacher, and a seeker of knowledge. He is quiet and unassuming, and tends to keep to himself rather than attract your notice. You will not find him at social events or parties. He is calm and sure of his place in the world, and more interested in intellectual pursuits than material things. He is reversed, probably because it is unlikely that you will find him if you continue on your current path, or because you may go through several other relationships before finding him. He is likely to appear when you are searching for something more spiritual in your life, as a teacher or mentor. He will show you the light and the way, and it will be up to you to follow the path.

Card 5: Judgment, reversed. Judgment is another major card that represents a life change or decision. You may find him only after you have made some life-changing decision that puts you on a completely different path. You will not need to look for him, he will appear as part of this new direction. Until then he will keep to himself and his solitary life. It is possible that when you meet him you will judge him unfavorably, and will not recognize him for a potential life partner. If this happens, it will be because you have not done the work on your own feelings and desires to be aware of what will realistically work best in your life, and are continuing to pursue a fantasy that isn’t real. His are the kind of virtues that experience will teach you to appreciate, such as constancy, honesty, loyalty, and inner strength. He may not be physically handsome or outgoing, especially romantic or exciting. But he will love you with a true spirit and be a source of quiet strength and inspiration throughout your life together.

Card 6: Five of Cups. This card summarizes the theme of this reading. It shows a woman angrily overturning three golden cups. These represent her ideas of what she thought she wanted emotionally in life, but they turn out to contain only air and no substance. This makes her bitter and regretful, but what she doesn’t realize is behind her are two other golden cups, which contain the true blessings that are in store for her, if she will only turn and see them. This card is about values, and having the right ones, and knowing what you truly want and what will really make you happiest. It is about obvious disappointments and hidden blessings. Sometimes the disappointments are required to see through the illusions and free you to find what is truly of value in life. Once you have made this transition, you will be free to find your partner.

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