Meaning Of Judgement


Navigating Judgement’s Meaning Through Its Perspective

Judgement tarot card is a clear reference to the Last Judgment, with an announcing archangel playing the trumpet towards figures that seem to emerge from the ground—an apparent reference to the resurrection of dead souls, about to be subjected to a divine judgment.

Keywords for Judgement Card Upright:
Enthusiasm, rebirth, improvement, growth. Artistic inspiration. Spiritual inspiration. Prophetism, mystical sense.

Keywords for Judgement Reversed:
Depression, cheating, troubles

Judgement Card Upright meaning:
It is the significator of the unexpected which, like divine Judgment, announces itself swiftly and suddenly. It will, of course, be pleasant surprises and positive events, favorable to the question, especially when the card appears straight or accompanied by benevolent arcana. A success, a victory, a conquest, or a complete renewal after a crisis, in short, a decisive turning point in life is looming on the horizon concerning love, work, or money. Judicial cases and personal conflicts will be brilliantly resolved, equivocal situations and doubts clarified, obstacles and problems overcome thanks to a sudden and brilliant idea, as well as the protection of fate. In analogy with the trumpet blast and with the symbolism of the messenger angel, the Judgment often implies unexpected news, almost certainly arrived through the most modern means of communication, symbolically placed under the jurisdiction of the planet Uranus, to which the card reconnects: a letter, a phone call, a fax, a radio communication. Judgment upright is always favorable to the question. It indicates an evolution, even concerning emotional activity, the change is never quantitative but qualitative—unexpected news and events, which occur regardless of the conscious will of the subject. Projects believed to be buried come to light. A very positive change from addictive to independent. Transformation at all levels and widening of view.

Judgement Reversed meaning:
The rapid and unexpected transformation announced by the upright translates, when it is overturned, into a difficulty of renewal and the rejection of a glaring truth. Things deemed concluded must be called into question; you have to meet your commitments and take responsibility quickly. Continuing to postpone a decision or acting stubbornly on wrong assumptions can only emotionally upset and add new frustrations to existing ones. Or, in cases of excess, a tendency to overestimate and to face events too head on, with an exalted and unconscious spirit that puts the querent in a position to commit or suffer abuse. Bad news, unpleasant surprises, forced changes, disappointments to come. It can also refer to coercive magical practices, spiritism, evocations, mediumistic chain. The answer to the question formulated by the consultant is absolutely negative and the definitive Judgment unfavorable. Indicates lack of energy or evolutionary desire. Inability to endure too all-encompassing change. Anchoring to materialistic values in contrast to inner thrusts. Psychological resistance without being responsible for all changes. Mediocrity, inaction, stasis. Tendency to overestimate especially mental. An uncontainable desire for forced transcendence. Inability to live the material part, contrasting it and defining it excessively with respect to the spiritual one.

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