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Deck: Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg

Question: Whether you will get the job you are interviewing for on Tuesday and whether it will be successful for you? Are there any hidden complications you should know about? Will your past employer be a positive or negative reference for you?

Spread: This is a five-card spread with the positions and meanings shown below, customized to answer your specific questions above.

Card 1: How likely it is that you will get this job
Card 2: Whether this job would be successful for you if you get it
Card 3: Advice for the job interview to improve your chances
Card 4: Any hidden or complicating factors you should know about
Card 5: The recommendation from your former employer


Overall, the reading suggests some good news and some bad news – you may very well be offered the job you are interviewing for, but it may not be everything you are hoping for. In addition, it looks like there may be some issues with your past employer.

Card 1 – Strength. This is a very positive card for getting the job you are interviewing for. It suggests that your interviewers will see you as a candidate with a lot of strong points and skills, as well as the right attitude and demeanor for the job. With this card, you would want to emphasize inner strength, patience, calm, and competence as qualities you project during the interview. Also, the ability to deal with difficult situations and work with people who may not be the easiest to work with – taking a project that is out of control and handling it well.

Card 2 – Three of Clubs, reversed. The Three of Clubs reversed suggests that this job may be one in which it is difficult to expand your abilities or be promoted beyond your initial position. It is not really a growth opportunity for you in your career. If you really need this job, it may be fine as a temporary position, but is not likely all that you are hoping for. The reasons for this may become clear in Card 4, hidden factors.

Card 3 – Six of Swords. If you want to be offered this job, the best advice for the interview is to plan carefully ahead. Get all your thoughts in order, and think about how you will describe this career move to your interviewers. Why is it that you want this job, how does it fit into your overall plans, why did you leave your last job? Spend some time thinking about all the difficult questions they might ask you, and the answers to them. Other than the strength and skills you project, this card suggests that the key to having a good interview is strong mental preparation.

Card 4 – Four of Coins, reversed. This is the card that represents hidden factors or things you should know. This card suggests that this company is reluctant to spend money and is keeping a very tight rein on its cash. It may be short on funds or in financial difficulty – many companies are right now. This could mean that you may not get offered the pay you were hoping for, or it could be why there is little opportunity for advancement. It may also be that it is hard to get the company to pay for needed equipment, staff, etc.

Card 5 – Justice, reversed. This suggests that your former employer is not being fair to you in the recommendations or references it is providing. The sword that Justice holds and the Six of Swords in the third position may be related, and you may need to plan for how you will handle questions about this. This card suggests that you and your past employer do not see things the same way, and that there is some misunderstanding or miscommunication between you that is not helping you in your search for a job. Perhaps it would be best to find someone else to use as a recommendation unless this can be cleared up.

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