The Meaning Of The High Priestess Tarot Card



Navigating The High Priestess’ Meaning Through Her Eyes

It’s a midnight setting, the Earth illuminated by the light of the moon and the stars. Not a whisper is heard, only a dense silence, almost sacred. The kind of silence that you can find in a library, so full of knowledge and dignity. A temple, lit by a moonbeam, rises in the middle of the scene. Inside, a woman wrapped in blue garments, sits with a dignified demeanor in a solid throne of stone, her head crowned with a symbol of sacred femininity.

A crescent moon sits by her feet, she’s acquainted with darkness, yet a bearer of light and wisdom. A sacred roll rests in her lap, believed to contain sacred knowledge. She’s the guardian of that ancient wisdom, but she will let those who are deserving see and learn from it. A column on each side, black and white, symbolizing balance and duality.

Behind her, a curtain covered in pomegranates covers an opening, a door. Where does it lead? Nobody knows, but she won’t stop anyone from looking behind, if they dare, if they want to know. The High Priestess looks at each visitor in the eye. She holds the key to the mysteries, to the secrets, to the knowledge that you don’t find just in books. Her wisdom is as profound as her silence, her answers are not granted. If you ask the right question, she may speak, or she may invite you to discover for yourself.

Keywords for The High Priestess Upright: Knowledge, wisdom, study, femininity, mystery, mysticism, spiritual development.

Keywords for The High Priestess Reversed: Secrets, gatekeeping, ignorance.

The High Priestess Upright

Drawing The High Priestess in a reading can encourage you to get to the bottom of what is going on and suggests that you gather all information available to you in order to make an informed decision. This card is heavily linked to study, spirituality and knowledge, asking you to know yourself, to delve into your psyche and dare to know more. This is a card of power through knowledge, and it could be interpreted as a call to acknowledge the truth in a situation, even if unpleasant, for it will give you control over the situation that you’re in.

When you are enquiring about an outcome, The High Priestess can be particularly tricky, for it doesn’t give a direct answer. Instead, this card encourages you to find out for yourself, not with an intention to leave you hanging, but because there’s something valuable for you in the discovery process that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

The High Priestess Reversed

Ill-aspected or reversed, The High Priestess speaks about secrecy and information that is being deliberately kept from you. Other way of seeing it is as a warning against ignorance, or similarly to The Moon, as an indicator that you don’t have all the information that you need to make a good decision.

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