The Meaning Of The Fool Tarot Card



Navigating The Fool’s Meaning Through His Eyes

It’s a beautiful sunset. The sky is bright and a plethora of bright yellows, warm oranges and intense pinks create a delightful view in the horizon. Amongst the trees, a young man is walking. He’s not following a particular path, but creating his own while he cheerfully glances here and there, enjoying the presence of the wildlife that comes to his encounter, smelling the flowers and picking the berries that nature has to offer while his faithful dog follows his steps.

The man stops at the sight of the most gorgeous rose that he has ever seen, its petals are pure white, its beauty captivating. He picks the rose without further thought and continues his journey towards the horizon. He even closes his eyes to feel the breeze, smell the place and listen to the sounds of nature.

He’s not walking with a destination in mind, it is all about the journey, the lush beauty that surrounds him, the experience. He is only carrying his most precious belongings, refusing to take heavy weights from his past. As he walks out of the trees, the sun caresses his cheeks and he smiles, thankful for the opportunity to just be. The edge of the mountain is just a few steps away, but he doesn’t seem worried about what looks like a cliff, he is driven by unsullied curiosity and trusts the journey.

Keywords For The Fool Upright: Innocence, adventure, beginning, leap of faith, improvisation.

Keywords For The Fool Reversed: Recklessness, lack of experience, impulsiveness, immaturity.

The Fool Upright

If you draw The Fool in a reading, it is a call for you to embrace the experience without focusing too much on the outcome and trust the process. Having this card on the table suggests that a leap of faith is required, and that it is important to leave all pre-conceived judgment by the door and remain open to possibilities.

Other possible interpretations are mainly related to new beginnings and adventure. It could be foretelling a new beginning related to what the rest of the cards in the reading are showing, or even a new stage in the situation you are enquiring about.

If enquiring about the outcome of a situation, The Fool suggests that it will not hold relevance in the future or that the matter at hand will not become settled.

The Fool Reversed

Ill-aspected or reversed, drawing The Fool can be seen as a warning against acting recklessly or it could be indicating that there is some level of self-defeat, blindness or naiveté towards the situation. It suggests to take a more objective point of view and use your previous life experience to discern what is wise from what is not.

As well, it could be indicating that a situation will be short-lived or that it has no foundation upon which to develop.

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