The Meaning Of The Empress Tarot Card



Navigating The Empress’ Meaning Through Her Eyes

It’s a glorious day. The sun glows, birds are singing, the creek runs creating a shooting sound and all is green, full of life. The scent of flowers and trees fills the air and creates a perfect atmosphere to rest. In the middle of this idillyc scene, a woman rests on a comfortable cushioned chair, covered in rich, velvety fabrics with a soft touch.

Her garments are luxurious, her gown is full of pomegranates, ancient symbols of fertility and prosperity. Her head crowned by stars, a sceptre pointing towards the sky. Her expression, serene, patient, with not a hurry in the world. She’s here to enjoy the majesty of the fruits of the world, the green trees, the blossomed flowers, life at its fullest. She knows everything happens in due time, she trusts the process and doesn’t pressure, just waits, because all that is ever created needs to be nurtured before.

The Empress is comfortable in her womanhood, and she embraces the gift of life. She knows that fertility is not only a physical trait, but a spiritual and figurative one. She’s a creatrix of life, of beauty, of success and prosperity. She’s one with the cycle and with the experience.

Keywords for The Empress Upright: Fertility (both literal and figurative), femininity, timing, nourishment, creative force.

Keywords for The Empress Reversed: Inability to create, impatience, bad timing, being too hasty.

The Empress Upright

The Empress is heavily associated to woman, fertility and pregnancy, but more than that, it is a card about timing. What is pregnancy but the waiting process from the very seed to the full creation? The hypothetical pregnancy of The Empress is about that. Planting the seed of what you want for your future, nourishing it the best you can and waiting for the right timing to see results. Drawing this card indicates that you need to be patient and wait for the right moment.

As well, this card could be interpreted as a suggestion to keep doing what you’re doing until you see the results manifest. It is a card that speaks about fertility and not just in the physical sense, but reminding you of your ability to create and encouraging you to get your hands dirty and start working for what you want to see in your life.

In certain contexts, particularly when you’re feeling apathetic, The Empress could be understood as a call to create or to get in touch with nature, as well as honouring your personal cycles.

The Empress Reversed

Ill-aspected or reversed, The Empress speaks of impatience or suggests that it is not the best moment to jump into what you have in mind, but the idea can be revisited when the external circumstances have changed, to explore a different approach or angle towards it.

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