In tarot, the Moon card has traditionally represented illusions and the possibility of them affecting a situation, especially when reversed. This lunar spread is designed to use the energies of the Moon to illuminate, understand and let go of your illusions, and to discover and embrace the truth. A new moon would be an especially good time to lay out this spread, particularly in an introspective or clear-sighted astrological sign (the water moons of Cancer and Pisces might not be a good choice, as these are particularly subject to emotional swings and illusions themselves).

As the moon waxes toward full, the Seeker can use this time to accept the knowledge of the illusions s/he holds and understand why they exist. Around the full moon, meditation and welcoming of what could be gained by embracing the truth would be beneficial. The waning moon can be used to work on letting go of the illusions.

The card positions and meanings are shown below:

Card 3 Card 3 Card 4 Card 4

Card 0

Card 2 Card 2 Card 1 Card 1

Card 0 – Center – What area of life do my illusions involve? This is an optional card placed in the center of the spread to identify what our illusions relate to. In some cases, things may be confusing enough that it is hard to tell (they’re illusions, after all). In other cases, we may already know what area of life we are asking about. Even then, I find this card helpful for several reasons. First, things may not be as we assume – we may think our illusions are in one area, when actually the more important issue is somewhere else. Second, even when we’re right about the general area, this card adds specificity and useful detail. Third, because of the nebulous nature of illusions, it is helpful right at the start of the spread to have confirmation of what we thought was going on.

Card 1 – New Moon – What are the illusions that I have? The new moon is in darkness, and it represents the things we hide from ourselves, or the illusions that we have about the issue in Card 0. The first step in releasing our illusions is to know what they are, so the new moon is a perfect place for this card, as it represents the start of a new cycle and new beginnings.

Card 2 – First Quarter Moon – Why do I hold these illusions? All illusions, even negative ones, exist for a reason. We choose to believe in them because they provide some benefit to us, emotional, intellectual, or material. This card helps us understand why we cling to the illusions we have and what purpose they hold for us. It is placed in the first quarter moon because we are beginning to shed light on the situation and our understanding is growing.

Card 3 – Full Moon – What can I gain from letting go of my illusions? This card shows us the result of letting go of our illusions, the knowledge we could gain, paths we could follow, changes we could make. It serves as a balance to Card 2 in giving us motivation to let go of illusions and provides something else to strive for. This card is placed in the full moon position because now we can see clearly what our options are and can make good choices about our beliefs.

Card 4 – Third Quarter Moon – How can I release my illusions? This card provides specific suggestions for thought processes, actions, or rituals that will help in dispelling or letting go of our illusions and embracing the truth. It is placed in the third quarter moon position, because this is the time in the lunar cycle when it is easiest to let go, cut back, and release things. We may even find that once we know what it is all about, the illusions dwindle and fall away of their own accord.

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