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Card Meanings For Your Love Question

fool-tarot-card-meaning The Fool Expand

fool-tarot-card-meaningThe Fool speaks about feelings of curiosity and the desire to know what lies ahead. It doesn’t speak of a super-strong emotional or romantic interest and much less is it a sign of commitment, but it indicates that your person of interest is definitely willing to explore what is going on between you two.

magician-tarot-card-meaning The Magician Expand

magician-tarot-card-meaningThe Magician is a card to take with a pinch of salt when it comes to love, for it usually adds a dash of manipulation to the equation. Yes, The Magician speaks of feelings of interest and attraction, but it also speaks about a person that is willing to consciously allow you to believe that they are more into you than they actually are to get into your pants.

high-priestess-tarot-card-meaning The High Priestess Expand

high-priestess-tarot-card-meaningThe High Priestess is a card of secrecy and it usually comes up when your person of interest is a bit shady about their intentions. When it comes to love and feelings, The High Priestess speaks of a connection that is more intellectual or platonic, this person enjoys spending time with you, but it is not strong on romantic feelings.

empress-tarot-card-meaning The Empress Expand

empress-tarot-card-meaningThe Empress is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, it speaks of romantic feelings that grow over time and become stronger, while it can also indicate that your person of interest feels very comfortable with you because you’re doing a great job at taking care of them, but they are more “letting you love them”.

emperor-tarot-card-meaning The Emperor Expand

emperor-tarot-card-meaningThe Emperor speaks about an individual that likes it on their own terms and portrays a person that can be rather selfish. The Emperor indicates that this person might be into you, but perhaps not for the reasons that you want them to be, but because they feel in control of the situation and make decisions for the relationship.

hierophant-tarot-card-meaning The Hierophant Expand

hierophant-tarot-card-meaningThe Hierophant speaks about an individual who is in for the long term. This card doesn’t speak about bursting, outstanding, soul-shaking love, but about mature love, a quieter form of affection that lasts over time without being a wrecking ball. The Hierophant is an indicator of commitment and it says that your person of interest knows what they’re getting into.

relationship-lovers-tarot-card The Lovers Expand


The Lovers in regards with feelings is a card of infatuation and strong romantic feelings. However, it can be quite superficial, meaning that it speaks of very intense affection, butterflies and the sort of love that makes you feel that your chest is going to explode, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate commitment.

relationship-chariot-tarot-card The Chariot Expand


The Chariot is a quite energetic card and it indicates that your person of interest wants to keep seeing more of you and learning more. However, in more advanced stages of romantic interest when nothing has happened yet, it can be a bit of a “friendzone” card and add a nuance of inertia but not genuine feelings.

relationship-strength-tarot-card Strength Expand


Strength indicates that your person of interest feels quite comfortable with you and that they think of you as a trustworthy individual. They are aware of your flaws, and they are getting the hang at how to deal with you. This is a card very strong on friendship and that can indicate love and romance but on the calmer side.

relationship-hermit-tarot-card The Hermit Expand


The Hermit is not the best card to get in the context of love and it indicates that your person of interest is not interested in a relationship with you. Even if you are hanging out or being intimate, they consider themselves single and there are no romantic ties on their end, though they can be cryptic when speaking about it.

relationship-wheel-of-fortune-tarot-card The Wheel Of Fortune Expand


The Wheel Of Fortune is an indicator of a toxic attachment when it comes to love, suggesting that the interest of this person comes and goes, and they have not with you and not without you attitude that makes it hard to say next. These feelings can be intense, but unstable and not very consistent over time.

relationship-justice-tarot-card Justice Expand


Justice indicates that you need to be honest with yourself in order to find out what your person of interest feels for you, particularly, listen to their words and believe them. If they say they don’t want anything serious, forget that they send you flowers! It usually speaks of a person that is emotionally unavailable.

relationship-hanged-man-tarot-card The Hanged Man Expand


The Hanged Man indicates that there was interest in this relationship at some point but it faded and your person of interest is trying to get you to take the hint. There was something here, you didn’t imagine it, but those feelings did not progress as expected and now the romance is gone and they don’t want to say it out loud.

relationship-death-tarot-card Death Expand


Death and feelings are not a promising combination in terms of love. If the interest is new, there is “nada” here on their end. This card can indicate a change of heart on seldom occasions, but only when it is supported by action. As well, it can suggest that your person of interest is considering putting an end to the situation.

relationship-temperance-tarot-card Temperance Expand


Temperance is a card about quiet feelings, there is romance here, and possibly love but your person of interest is not in a rush to jump into a relationship and they prefer to explore the situation a bit more before making any major change. As well, it can speak about a person who is afraid or unsure about saying what they feel out loud.

relationship-devil-tarot-card The Devil Expand


The Devil is not positive when it comes to love, at least not if you want a romantic relationship that lasts. This is a card about lust and desire, and you can be sure that your person of interest is perpetually aroused by the mere thought of you, but it’s not going further than that! As well, it can speak about an obsessive person. Careful with this one!

relationship-tower-tarot-card The Tower Expand


The Tower in a context of love indicates that you have disrupted this person’s life for better or for worse. This card usually speaks about mixed feelings, because while there might be a strong attraction, you are shaking their structures and having these feelings can be inconvenient for your person of interest at this point.

relationship-star-tarot-card The Star Expand


The Star is a card about hope and plans for the future. Your person of interest daydreams about you and you are pretty much present in their mind and in their plans. It speaks of strong infatuation in beginning stages of the relationship, and in more stable relationships it speaks about love and romantic feelings that resist the test of time.

relationship-moon-tarot-card The Moon Expand


The Moon is a card about secrets, it indicates romantic feelings, but these are changing and shallow. You person of interest thinks of you, but their feelings fluctuate constantly and while they may feel absolutely in love one day, three days later they can feel completely apathetic towards you or the relationship.

relationship-sun-tarot-card The Sun Expand


The Sun speaks about a person who loves to spend time with you and can’t wait for your next date. This person loves your authenticity and it speaks about strong feelings, although they may not have already decided if they want to take this seriously. However, this card speaks about merriment and suggests to live in the moment.

relationship-judgement-tarot-card Judgement Expand


Judgement is a card that brings a certain coldness to the reading. It is a common card to see when your person of interest has some resentment towards you or even when they are projecting issues of their past relationships onto you. It usually indicates some degree of unavailability in the emotional aspect.

relationship-world-tarot-card The World Expand


The World is a card about fulfillment and it speaks about strong and intense feelings. Your person of interest feels that you are a great match and that you are complementary of each other. They might see you as quite different from them, but they consider those differences to make the whole thing more interesting.

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