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Welcome to the world of tarot! I have been studying and reading tarot cards for over 25 years, ever since I had my first reading done at age 13. As a way of understanding the Universe, tarot cards appeal to me because they embody universal archetypes within an artistic and beautiful approach. The symbols and images contained within tarot cards represent all the cycles and phases of life, and can be used for meditation, development of a personal spiritual philosophy, or to understand situations, energies, and options available to you at any point in your life through a tarot reading.

I am drawn to cards and visual images of all types, and collect tarot decks for their artwork, symbolism, and beauty. I may choose one of 20 different decks for your reading, depending on the question and your cultural or spiritual background. You may request any of the decks I have available for your reading, and I will send you the card images you receive in your reading if I have them on file. I believe the deck you choose will be significant and the nuances of the cards in that deck will have a message for your reading. Many choices are shown and described on the Decks page, and new ones are being added all the time. Try out a new deck for your next reading and go on a tarot adventure!

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In “real life”, I have an environmental consulting and mediation business out of my home.  I hold a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering and have worked for the last 20 years on cleaning up industrial pollution in rivers and coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest. I live in Snoqualmie, WA with my cat, Sophie.  In my spare time I like to read, travel, birdwatch, do tarot readings, teach classes, and run online games with players from around the world.

I am a Certified Tarot Master and former Secretary of the American Tarot Association.

Code of Ethics

1. I will honestly report what I see in the reading, and will do my best to provide helpful interpretations of any card that may come up, good or bad.

2. I will ensure that my clients are aware that their actions may affect the outcome of any reading and that they know they have free will and the responsibility to exercise it.

3. I will not give legal, medical, or investment advice, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified.

4. I will not conduct readings on anyone other than the client, or any other reading which violates my personal ethics or those of the American Tarot Association.



5. I will do readings in such a way that they provide help and assistance to all involved.  Readings will be compassionate and responsible and will offer solutions to problems.  If it is not possible to answer a question without actual or potential harm to the client or others, the question will be rephrased or the reading declined.

6. I will be prompt, honest, friendly and respectful in all communications and transactions with my clients.

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