The Fool

The Fool is a card of beginnings. It’s imagery portrays a young man who seems to be having a great time carelessly walking towards a precipice – or so it looks! – while followed by his little dog, who could very well be warning him about the mistake he is about to make. Or is he just cheering him on to take that leap?

If your question has to do with love and romance and The Fool comes up, it is a YES, though it is encouraging you to live the experience for what it is, without attaching yourself to any particular outcome. If you are enquiring about career or personal projects, it is also a YES and it is cheering you on to go for that thing in your mind. If on the other hand, you are enquiring about money, the answer is a NO, it is time to go on with what you have already. To finish up, if your question has to do with spirituality, the answer is YES and it indicates that new paths are opening up for you.

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