One-Card Reading

Deck: Wheel of Change
Question: What is my purpose in this life?  What am I intended to learn?


The Hierophant is the card of organized religion and philosophy, and of societal structures based on these principals.  In this card, two priests are giving their offerings to a golden statue, representing their god.  They give him offerings of food and drink, because they believe that his needs are similar to their needs.  The sacred text of their religion appears on the red archway surrounding the god, and the statue holds the gold rod and circle of rulership.

The number of the Hierophant is 5, representing the fifth element of spirit. This trump card represents the period when the soul develops for itself a system of spirituality or metaphysical thought, that will guide it on its future travels. This system provides a moral philosophy and source of guidance and inspiration during daily life and throughout many lifetimes, and is one of the basic tools that the soul needs to develop on its journey.

The number 5 also represents change, stepping beyond the safe boundaries of everyday existence into realms that are unknown. This first step into the unknown is a necessary step for spiritual growth and development, and to reach a more holistic sense of well-being and success.

The reversal of this card suggests that you have had experience before with organized religion, in all of its positive and negative aspects. Religious systems throughout world history have been used not only to guide and enlighten, but also to repress and control. This card represents all of these facets of philosophy and religion, and its reversal suggests that it is time for you to move beyond the structures you have been given, as these have both positive and negative implications.  Over time, you may have become disillusioned with the ways that you have seen religious force used in your culture, or you may simply have found that the religious or philosophical tenets you have been given no longer speak to your heart.  You are ready to begin development of your own personal system of philosophy and spirituality, which will provide you with your unique guiding light and moral force. In a sense, you have completed your initiation and study of religion and spirituality, and are ready to move on to graduate school :).


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