Elemental Pentacle - Example Reading

Card 3 - Air

Card 5 - Spirit

Card 2 - Water

Card 1 - Earth

Card 4 - Fire

Deck: Robin Wood
Question: I would like to receive guidance on how I can best help my daughter.


Card 1. Earth How you can help her physically or materially
Card 2. Water How you can help her emotionally
Card 3. Air How you can help her through thinking and planning
Card 4. Fire How you can help her through actions or will
Card 5. Spirit The key to improving this situation, synthesis of the reading


Card 1. Earth/Material. Five of Swords, reversed. It appears that your daughter may be involved in a serious conflict of some kind, as there are two Fives in this reading. Fives are the number of change and conflict, and here we have both Swords, representing a conflict of intentions and plans, and Wands, representing a conflict of actions or will. The Five of Swords is a particularly difficult card representing defeat or cruelty.  Your daughter may be in a situation where she is being held at sword-point someone has the advantage over her and feels they hold all the cards. She may feel she has run out of options and has no choice but to give in to these demands. One way you can help her is to give her physical or material options that provide safety from this conflict and a way out of danger such as a place to stay, a loan, or just letting her know that she has the unwavering support of her family and that she will be provided for, whatever happens.

Card 2. Water/Emotional. Page of Swords. The Page of Swords shows a young girl, running through green fields, with wings on her feet and a sky-colored tunic.  She holds a sword, which sparkles in the daylight.  The sky is filled with white puffy clouds, but is bright and airy. From this card, one gets the impression that the young girl in it can do anything and fly anywhere, can create her own reality, and can think her way through any situation. One way you can help your daughter is to help her feel emotionally that she can be this girl again that her whole world can open up before her and she can start over, with new plans, new energy, and a new direction.  She has a telescope at her waist, which she can use to chart her course into a new future, even if it seems distant now.

Card 3. Air/Intellectual. Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups is about counting your blessings, living in the moment, and enjoying the good things that life has to offer. Your daughter may not feel that she has many good things in her life right now, and part of what you can do to help is to help her see what she does have. Does she have good friends that could come to the rescue and make her feel supported, if only they knew what was going on? Is there an event you could all plan together that would give her a time-out from all the craziness in her life and just let her slow down and enjoy the moment for a day?  She may badly need some simple pleasures in her life, and someone else to plan them :-). Whatever you do, keep it simple and enjoyable, and completely separate from whatever else is going on. Make it a safe day, where she can just stop and smell the flowers, enjoy a good dinner, or whatever she likes to do, without any reminders of her problems.

Card 4. Fire/Actions. Five of Wands. Here is another card of conflict, and a Wands card in the Fire position, which strengthens the importance of this card and the course of action it suggests.  This conflict needs to be gotten through and ended somehow.  One point to remember is to make sure you are not adding to the conflict in any way taking sides, fanning the flames, harboring resentments. Be supportive and helpful, but stay calm and separate from the action.  If there is any way you can help make peace, do so, but avoid getting pulled in yourself.  This card could also indicate that she is being pulled in many different directions and just has too many things on her plate right now. If there is any way that one or two of the things she has to deal with can be handled by someone else, maybe she could get control of the situation.

Card 5. Spirit/Key. Six of Wands, reversed. The Six of Wands is the card of victory and success, and follows directly after the Five. This card is the key somehow you can help her get through this conflict with her will and self-confidence intact.  Right now, she may not see any possible way to make this situation into a success, but there is a way, it just hasn't presented itself yet. Helping her in all the ways suggested may allow her to find her own solution, which in the end she must do, but you can provide a safe refuge, help her regain her inner sense of direction and confidence, remind her of the blessings that surround her, and do what you can to reduce or defuse the conflict she is in.



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