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Deck: Hanson-Roberts
Question: My goal is to retire early, and have time to enjoy life, play with my grand-kids, and something I have always wanted to do - write a novel.  However, it seems like the financial resources to do this just aren't there - I work hard and have a good job, but we aren't making the kind of financial progress that would allow an early retirement. Is this just a pipe dream, or is there some way to make this happen?

Spread: In this spread, we will use the first card to show where you are at now, and the last card to show where you would like to be.  I will choose an appropriate card to represent these scenarios out of the deck, and put them in their positions. The three cards in between will show what needs to be done in order to reach this goal, and any reversals among them will show areas in which there are challenges or obstacles to overcome.


Card 1 - Current Situation: Seven of Pentacles. The Seven of Pentacles shows a man, hard at work but tired out from his efforts.  His work is very productive, as shown by the growing vines, but he does not receive much reward for all his hard work - one gets the sense that most of his money is going to the owner of the farm or business for which he works, or to the daily expenses of living.

Card 5 - Future Goal: The Sun. The Sun is a major trump that is one of the most positive cards in the deck. It represents the end of a long cycle, coming home to fulfillment and happiness, and perfect completion. Under the Sun, all things are possible.  The little child represents the simple pleasures that you may feel at being freed from work and able to pursue your hobbies and dreams of becoming a writer, as well as your hopes of spending more time with your grandchildren.

The middle three cards show steps you could take that would get you from where you are now to where you would like to be.  Two of these three cards are reversed, and these are areas that will require special attention or which may present challenges that will allow you to evaluate how realistic a goal this may be.

Card 2: Six of Pentacles, reversed.  The Six of Pentacles shows a kind and generous man giving away his wealth to those less fortunate than himself. He is a man of modest means, and is not wealthy by any means, but feels himself blessed and able to help others. One of the needs in planning for early retirement is to save enough money to live on and enjoy your retiremnet. As you mentioned in the question, so far, you are probably not saving enough money to retire early.  This card confirms that the reason for this may be that, even though you are making enough money to save more of it, you are generous with it, and are spending or giving away more than you should if you want to make this dream a reality. The problem with this, of course, is that the money you spend or give away enriches your life and the lives of others - your children and grandchildren, too.  So there is a very significant trade-off you will need to consider about whether to really tighten down the budget and cut out all unnecessary spending in the hopes that it will pay off later during early retirement, or whether to continue with your current spending patterns, knowing that living life to the fullest now is also worthwhile and the future is uncertain.  This card suggests that there is no easy way out of the financial issue - like so much of life, it's a trade-off between living now and saving for the future.

Card 3: Justice, reversed. Justice is about balancing alternatives, testing yourself, seeing the situation clearly, and deciding based on the facts.  The reversal suggests that you have been afraid to sit down and take a long, hard look at the situation and figure out what you would really need to do to make it a reality.  There will not be an easy solution, and to reach your goal you will have to make some hard choices.  Some things will have to be given up in order to gain others, and it is up to you to decide if the sacrifices you would need to make now are worth the long-term gain. In order to manage an early retirement, you might have to consider giving up some things that really hadn't occurred to you, such as having a more modest home, giving up a car or costly vacations, and simplifying your life to reduce debt and financial obligations.  This card suggests that you sit down with a financial planner and figure out exactly what it would take to make this work, putting everything on the table, and see what you think of the result. This will allow you to make a clear and informed decision, and plan your finances accordingly.

Card 4: Three of Cups. Now here's the easy part :-).  The Three of Cups is about spending quality time with your loved ones, and this card being upright suggests that there are ways to accomplish this part of your goal even if you decide that early retirement is not feasible to pursue.  One way to spend more time with your grandkids is to move closer to them - even if you have to work, you would be able to see them more often on weekends and evenings. Offer to babysit and have them over for dinner, to give their parents a little badly needed R&R.  Maybe take them on a week's vacation in the summer, if you feel up to camping, Disneyland, or whatever they like to do.  If you can include your family in your everyday life, rather than just on holidays, then you will be able to build emotional ties that will last a lifetime - and if you wait until you can afford to retire to spend time with them, you could miss the opportunity altogether. The Three of Cups also suggests shifting the balance in your life away from work and toward more social activities with your own friends.  Even if you can't retire right away, you may be able to slow down a bit - make an effort to come home on time each evening and leave your weekends free of work.  Try to consciously plan time to spend with your friends and family, and with each other. In other words, live life to the fullest now, and that early retirement may not seem quite as important.



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